How to install Rust remotely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8 using rustup


I want to install Rust using rustup on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8 system which I am only accessing remotely.

In search of instructions, I'm always referred to this page:

However, when I open that page on my Windows laptop, it only shows me instructions for Windows and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

So I tried the instructions for WSL, which are

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

and they fail with:

info: downloading installer
Cannot execute /tmp/tmp.bFxBUYgNAJ/rustup-init (likely because of mounting /tmp as noexec).
Please copy the file to a location where you can execute binaries and run ./rustup-init.

Following the link about "other installation methods" just brings me back to the same page eventually.

Trying to redirect the curl output to a file and then running that file gives the same error message.

So, how do I install Rust?


Best, Oliver

Have you tried that?

I presume that is because you are running the command from /tmp. Run it somewhere you can execute code from.

If by "the file" they mean whatever curl downloads, then yes, I tried that. But it appears they mean some other file, and I don't know which file that would be.

I'm not running it from /tmp. Presumably the script does.

curl downloads a shell script (possibly confusingly called which is piped into a shell, and that shell script downloads and runs rustup-init (different from

You might find this documentation helpful: Other Installation Methods - Rust Forge

Oh, I got it. I just needed to move /tmp/tmp.bFxBUYgNAJ/rustup-init to somewhere else and then run it.

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