How to install Rust for VS Code and Rust Analyzer in offline Mode

I am working in an offline environment (Windows 7 with no internet connection). I am using VS Code. How I can Install Rust for VS and Rust analyzer offline.

You will need internet connection to access rust website and download the latest version. The same with VS Code. You can install the necessary plugins and then you can start working offline. If your project doesn't require external crates, you can perfectly work offline but if you are going to use external crates, you will need internet connection to download the dependencies.

I can download all the necessary stuff on any other PC and then can shift the source code to offline PC ( on which I am working). I should re phrase my question as "Where to find source code/ exe file for Rust analyzed and Rust for VS Code, so that I may copy these to the offline PC and install it there" Hope this clear my point

Any one here can please help me on that?

You can grab a release from GitHub

See the manual for installation instructions: User Manual

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