How to install rust-analyzer offline in VSCode?

Hi everyone. I have download rust-analyzer code from When I use command "cargo xtask install" offline, compile succeeded, but install failed.

I believe the npm build process requires an internet connection. You can download the VS Code extension (.vsix) from the latest release page (Release 2021-05-10 · rust-analyzer/rust-analyzer · GitHub), that should install without an internet connection.

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I have downloaded and installed .vsix file as your solution,but still show connected failed. I lost something?

I downloaded the rust-analyzer .exe file, then copy it to "c:/username/AppData/Roming/Code/User/globalStorage/matklad.rust-analyzer/". then set the "rust-analyzer.server.path" to "c:/username/AppData/Roming/Code/User/globalStorage/matklad.rust-analyzer/analyzer-rust" in VSCode. It works. Thanks.

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