How to install cargo-xbuild offline?


I want to build kernel module.
I installed rust offline. (Other Installation Methods - Rust Forge)
Because of rustup error about ssl. I can't solve the problems. So I did offline install.

I am trying to make a kernel module by referring to the link below.
(Other Installation Methods - Rust Forge)

It need to install cargo-xbuild , rust-src and rustfmt-preview using rustup and cargo.
But I can't use rustup and cargo.
How can I install cargo-xbuild , rust-src and rustfmt-preview by offline.

Thank you.

You can download the rust-src package here (adjust the version number to match the version of Rust you are using):

That archive contains a rust-src/lib/rustlib/src directory. You should move the src directory into the lib/rustlib directory where your Rust toolchain is installed.

cargo-xbuild has no pre-compiled binaries available for download, so I think the easiest solution is to compile it yourself on a machine with working Cargo/rustup, and then copy it to the machine where you want to run it. Or, if you use a nightly build of Rust, you can use Cargo's build-std feature instead of cargo-xbuild.

Note that cargo-xbuild relies on Cargo, so you may still run into trouble if you need to use external crates and Cargo cannot download them.

rustfmt-preview component has been renamed to rustfmt in recent versions of Rust. It can be downloaded from, but the exact URL depends on your platform and Rust version. This component should not be required for building a kernel module, however. It's just a tool for formatting your source code to match a standard style guide.

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Thank you. I will check it.

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