How to incorporate this linker script?

I'm trying to set up my kernel to be bootable using another bootloader, and I need to use a linker script like the following:



/* Define the program headers we want so the bootloader gives us the right */
/* MMU permissions */
    null    PT_NULL    FLAGS(0);
    text    PT_LOAD    FLAGS(0x5);
    rodata  PT_LOAD    FLAGS(0x4);
    data    PT_LOAD    FLAGS(0x6);

    /* We wanna be placed in the topmost 2GiB of the address space, for optimizations */
    /* and because that is what the stivale2 spec mandates. */
    . = 0xffffffff80000000;

    .text : {
        *(.text .text.*)
    } :text

    /* Move to the next memory page for .rodata */

    /* We place the .stivale2hdr section containing the header in its own section, */
    /* and we use the KEEP directive on it to make sure it doesn't get discarded. */
    .stivale2hdr : {
    } :rodata

    .rodata : {
        *(.rodata .rodata.*)
    } :rodata

    /* Move to the next memory page for .data */

    .data : {
        *(.data .data.*)
    } :data

    .bss : {
        *(.bss .bss.*)
    } :data

However, I also want to keep everything defined by the x86_64-unknown-none target (e.g. a PIC/PIE executable for example). Will this linker script break that, and if so, how can I retain it?

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