How to improve my Rust efficiently?

I’m new to Rust.
I want to be able to write server side codes in Rust, but Rust is a difficult language...

What is an efficient way to get better to Rust?

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Doing things is the best way to go. If you write something, post and ask for feedback here on the forum. Use cargo clippy and cargo fmt for "the most idiomatic code" and then ask us :slight_smile: That's easy. Just do it®


I'll just add that in the unlikely case you haven't seen it, the book is the best place to start. I'd recommend not just reading but writing and running the code yourself alongside. This is important for the projects like minigrep but also useful for experimenting with the ownership and lifetimes examples.

Also don't sweat it of there is "some guesswork" in getting lifetimes to compile (I sure do, a lot...). I'm sure even expert rust programmers still lean on the compiler to help them. That's what the compiler is for! If it was easy we wouldn't need rust at all we'd just write C without mistakes :slight_smile:


Something that works really well for me is to teach others. If you're learning about RAII, try to write up a blog post explaining it to others. If you are experimenting with a new framework or library, write about how it works or how you can use it in practice.

The creative process forces you to really understand what you're doing and put it into words, plus it helps you build up a portfolio that prospective employers can look at.


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