How to idomatically access field nested in a chain of Options?

the question or thread title might be a bit confusing. However, l have a structure that contains optional fields that contain optional fields as well which lead to a kind of "options" chain when trying to access the contents of a specific nested field.


struct Foo {
  bar: Option<Bar>,

struct Bar {
  baz: Option<Baz>

struct Baz {
  field1: u32,
  field2: Option<u32>,

Accessing field1 based on Foo (assuming it is an option too) becomes a little cumbersome:

fn main() {
    let foo = Some(Foo {
        bar: Some(Bar {
            baz: Some(Baz {
                field1: 42,
                field2: None,
    let field1 =|foo||bar||baz| baz.field1)));

The number of flatten calls depend on the number of nestings of Options... the question is, if there is a better way to achieve this. Thus providing None if any step of the chain is None and Some(..) of the final field if we could reach it?

Use and_then instead of map. Or, if you have many levels of nesting, write a getter that uses ? to chain optionals:

impl Foo {
    fn field1(&self) -> Option<u32> {

You could use Option::and_then.

let field1 = foo
    .and_then(|bar| bar.baz)
    .map(|baz| baz.field1);

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