How to get wasm export function name in C/C++?

Hi, I have been trying recently to run WASI-WASM in a C/C++ environment using the C-API provided by Wasmer, and I hope to use some of its internal export functions.

And I referred to the sample code related to WASI provided in the Wasmer documentation, and it can indeed run normally, and I can also obtain exports by wasm_instance_exports(instance, &exports);

I can only get the type of the exports by wasm_extern_kind(), But I want to call a specific function here. I look up all the api that wasmer provided but I just can't find one. So I have no idea how to get the function name.

here is part of the sample code:

// ...
own wasm_extern_vec_t exports;
wasm_instance_exports(instance, &exports);
for (int i = 0; i < exports.size; i++) {
    if (wasm_extern_kind([i]) == WASM_EXTERN_FUNC) {
        wasm_func_t *func = wasm_extern_as_func([i]);
        // I wonder how can I get the name of the `func`

How can I fix that?