How to get UniquePtr<EnumMember> on the Rust side?

Using the cxx crate:

I have the following struct on Rust:

pub(crate) mod ffi {
    enum SizeType {
     unsafe extern "C++" {

which is also mapped on C++. How do I get UniquePtr<SizeType> on Rust? Do I have to write a C++ function to get it? If I do, there's no point in having the struct on the Rust side.

I tried

let byte_ptr = UniquePtr::new(SizeType::BYTE);

but it does not work.

Specifically how?

the trait bound bridge::ffi::SizeType: cxx::memory::UniquePtrTarget is not satisfied
the trait cxx::memory::UniquePtrTarget is not implemented for bridge::ffi::SizeType

According to the docs, you have to explicitly request that impl.

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