How to get to the "Style Guide"

I was given a link to the 1.0.0 style guide about builders to read as part of an answer to a question I had.

From the current rust docs web page, I cannot find any way to navigate to any version of this document.

How would I find this if I didn't know about it and have a link to it?

I'm not sure how up to date that document is - the latest version of Rust I can find that includes it was 1.12.0. Here's some more recent links:

  • The 'official' code style guidelines are now managed through rustfmt RFCs, and documented in their style guide.
  • Rust design patterns such as builders are described on the unofficial Rust Patterns repo. They don't seem to be mentioned specifically in the official docs anywhere, which is a little weird given how pervasive they are in the ecosystem.
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Yes, @17cupsofcoffee is correct; you cannot find that document because it is not the right thing today. The rustfmt style guide replaced it.

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