How to get future-rs StreamExt extensions on custom stream combinator?

So I wrote a stream combinator to auto restart a stream if completed.

My question is how can I get autocompletion for other combinators such as map, take_until like the ones in futures-rs library?

I only get at the moment.

I want to get other combinators like the default ones here without doing a pin_mut

Am I missing some trait implementation?

So it seems that this is an IDE issue (both IntelliJ Rust, VSCode), I have import StreamExt I can write like

    let stream = Restartable::of(connect, self.param.clone()).take(3);

It seems to compile just fine, but I don't get any help from the IDE. Any ideas?

@matklad can help perhaps.

Minimal reproducible example would help! At least this works for me:

You are right, I am not sure what it was but removing the target directory and rebuild fixed my problem.

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