How to find small (and intermediate) open source projects to contribute to?

Hello all,

I am on the last chapter of the rust book and have done a small amount of rust projects on my own github.

I am interested in trying to contribute to the open source community, but I don't know where exactly to start or where to look for places to contribute.

I am a new junior developer, so I am worried large projects might be too overwhelming of a code base to learn, since I am already trying to learn a whole new code base ASAP at my new job.


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If you have not already, I recommend subscribing to This Week In Rust. This email newsletter includes a section highlighting requests for contributions, some specifically targeting new contributors and offering e-mentors, depending on the issue.


Thanks!! That actually perfectly answers what I need lol.

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A search like this can be useful: Search · label:help-wanted language:Rust · GitHub


Another project I suggest is librsvg. They’re open to new contributors, and it’s a small codebase with lots of impact.


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