How to filter delete files?

Hey guys. I wanted to create some code to remove certian files.

 let mut from_paths = Vec::new();


But lets say I didn't want to remove a particular file with the name hello.exe. How would I design it as such?

Remove them from the vector first?

lets say the file was located inside source/dir1. How would I then prevent hello.exe from being deleted?

Sounds a job for something like

for p in from_paths.filter(|p| !p.ends_with("hello.exe")) {

How does this entire thing work? The |p| and How come there is a !p.ends_with("hello.exe") the exclamation mark?

The |p| starts a closure, which is a little function defined right where it is used.

The exclamation mark is the logical "not" operator, since you want to keep only those elements that do not end with hello.exe.

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Is from_paths inherit from a structure?

I assumed from_paths was the same Vec that you had defined in your code in the original post.

Oh yes it is a vector but it must have some special data type?

Where does the filter() function come from? Is this part of the Rust language?

Filter comes from the standard library.


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Right I see thanks mate

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