How to fast get reference to an element among the tree? when reference and enum involved

I have a tree, and 2 functions, one using recursive functions:

one maintaining a Cell and using a loop:

I made a simple bench function, the as the result, it's faster to use loop,

loop_get                time:   [20.444 us 20.667 us 20.886 us]
                        change: [-3.2910% -1.7348% -0.2509%] (p = 0.04 < 0.05)
                        Change within noise threshold.
Found 1 outliers among 100 measurements (1.00%)
  1 (1.00%) high mild

ref_get                 time:   [30.671 us 30.842 us 31.007 us]
                        change: [-10.065% -9.5309% -8.9736%] (p = 0.00 < 0.05)
                        Performance has improved.
Found 1 outliers among 100 measurements (1.00%)
  1 (1.00%) high mild

however, the story does not end here. I use this library in my project, which uses a large enum(see below), it's significantly slower(results from running script on Mac and Ubuntu):

I don't have full benchmark for that, only some perf and flamegraph(sorry I don't have accurate and stable results except for the perf on Ubuntu... I can't analyze ASM by myself as well).

Is there any reason or tricks why the function fast using usize turned slow using on references large enum?

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