How to emit enum variant's tuple fields info in save-analysis?

I am trying to use save-analysis data. I succeeded to emit save-analysis data, but I discovered something weird. Tuple fields of enum variants don’t get emitted.

enum Foo1 {
    foo2(Foo3, Foo4),    // tuple fields are not emitted as child defs.
    foo5 { foo3: Foo3 }, // struct fields are emitted well as child defs.
struct Foo3 {}
struct Foo4 {}

unlike structs.

struct Bar1 {
    bar2: Bar3,    // These fields are emitted as children
    bar4: Bar5,    // in save-analysis data.
struct Bar3 {}
struct Bar5 {}

How can I make rustc to emit them?

  • I am using rls-analysis crate with nightly compiler.