How to drive a Future?


I have this toy counter which implements the Future trait:

struct AsyncCounter {
    value: u32,
    target: u32

impl AsyncCounter {
    fn new(target:u32) -> AsyncCounter {
        AsyncCounter {
            value: 0,

impl Future for AsyncCounter {
    type Item = u32;
    type Error = u32;

    fn poll(&mut self) -> Poll<Self::Item, Self::Error> {
        if self.value == {
        } else {
            self.value += 1;

When I create it with a target of 0 and pass it to an executor, I get it resolved right away

However, if I create it with a target >0, it doesn’t seem to update - and therefore never resolves.

From watching the first half hour or so of this video I get that there’s some more machinery that needs to be hooked up from the future… like to park or notify or something so that it will get updated?

I do plan on watching the rest of that video - but it’d be nice to make some progress in the meantime :wink:

Any tips to make this simple example work?


If you return Async::NotReady from your future, the task needs to be notified in order for the executor to call poll again on the task containing your future. You can call task::current().notify() in your poll function. This case is explicitly covered in the documentation:

If the task is currently polling its future when notify is called, it must poll the future again afterwards


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