How to dispatch enum function to all variants


  • An enum with over 50 variants.
  • Each variant implements its own variation of the show function
  • An array of enum is created
  • Enum implements a show function that dispatches (statically) to the variants show function

Is there a way to avoid having to type the match with the 50 variants?


You could implement Display on your VariantA, etc, and then use derive_more::Display to implement it for the enum.

Having Display gets you ToString, and to_string() has the same signature as your show. You could then rewrite your shows to be something like

    fn show(&self) -> String {
        let s = self.to_string();
        println!("show: {s}");

And you could even make this your own trait so you only write it once:

pub trait Show: ToString {
    fn show(&self) -> String { /* as above */ }

impl<T: ToString + ?Sized> Show for T {}

Playground, except derive_more isn't available there.


If you don't want to be constrained by the traits derive_more forwards, this would be an ideal problem to solve with your own derive macro. To learn about proc macros I recommend the proc macro workshop by dtolnay.
If you don't mind a little boilerplate you could also use a declarative macro like described here: rust - Calling common method on enum types - Stack Overflow

Btw: it should be relatively straight forward to solve this for the general case of forwarding some function call to all enum variants. You could for example have an attribute like
Does anyone know whether this already exists?


For instance:

macro_rules! impl_various {
    ($($var:ident),*) => {
        enum Various { $(

        impl Various {
            fn show(&self) -> String {
                match &self {
                    $(Various::$var(variant) =>,)*

impl_various!{ VariantA, VariantB }

ambassador can I think, but I haven't played with it.

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I've written one such crate:

#[impl_enum::with_methods {
    fn show(&self) -> String
enum Various {
    // ....

It's similar to ambassador's delegatable_trait_remote but doesn't involve traits which could be a good or bad thing depending on what you're doing.

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Thanks to all for the suggestions.
I'll need some time to process all of it :smiley:

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