How to disambiguate struct field in rustdoc?

I have the following struct:

pub struct S {
    /// Not [`S::b`]
    pub a: u32,
    /// Not [`S::a`]
    pub b: u32,

As I expected, these documentation links point to the fields. However, when I add getter methods for those two fields, like so:

impl S {
    fn a(&self) -> u32 { self.a }
    fn b(&self) -> u32 { self.b }

Now the links from the struct fields point at these methods instead, which is undesirable. I can disambiguate to say that I specifically want the method by linking to S::a(), but I want the opposite disambiguation, which I can't find documentation on how to do. How do I disambiguate this link to point at the struct field?

Support for this doesn't currently exist: Add an intra-doc link disambiguator for fields · Issue #80283 · rust-lang/rust (

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