How to develop a crate by cloning it from github?


Hi guys,

I want to develop a existing rust project. So I cloned it. Now I know how to develop and
check examples depending on it in python. i.e., I do

python develop

Now as I make changes, It is automatically reflected throughout the virtual environment.
So that any new example depending on such changes can be checked locally.
How to do the same in rust.

Thank you.


As I understand this, you are talking about your own code that depends on said Rust project?

In that case, you may want to have a look at the Cargo configuration. It’s possible to define local overrides to point to a local checkout of a crate instead of fetching it off Of course, you could also just specify a path dependency directly (see here).

Does that solve your issue?


I assume you want to contribute to that crate. I’m not that familiar with Python but I guess you are talking about hot-swapping where in any changes in your code are automatically reflected on the output. But since Rust is a compiled language you have to run cargo run everytime (or any of the other commands depending on what you want).