How to derive custom traits for struct definitions generated by bindgen?


I'm looking for a painless way to use a custom trait derivation on structs generated from a C header via bindgen. Specifically, I want to derive serde's Serialize and Deserialize traits on a simple C struct.

I've set up the scaffolding mirroring the official tutorial almost directly, including an unmodified, a header wrapper, and a that looks like this:


include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/"));

And within there is a struct:

#[derive(Copy, Clone)]
pub struct ExampleStruct {
    pub example_value: ::std::os::raw::c_short,

I'd love to be able to swap out the derive line for #[derive(Copy, Clone, Serialize, Deserialize)]. I suppose I could do this in the build script before writing by looking for existing derive lines and swapping them with the modified version, but I'm hoping a cleaner solution exists.

Can anybody offer any help or suggestions? I feel like I may be missing something simple here.

Bindgen doesn't yet have a built-in way to do this. See

Here's an example of an existing project that does this:

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Thanks for linking to the parent issue on the bindgen repo!

let new_contents = format!(
    "use serde::{{Serialize, Deserialize}};\n{}",
        .replace_all(&contents, "#[derive($d, Serialize, Deserialize)] pub $s")

I was hoping to avoid doing something like this (from the webrtc-audio-processing example), but c'est la vie.

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