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I don't like all this tracking going on below, in the account preferences there is no clear way how to delete an account, how to do that ?

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If you mean delete these records, I don't think it's possible without deleting the entire account.

I'm not a forum admin, but as I understand it these records are important for security - if someone nefarious gains access to your account, these records allow you to tell that that's happened and change your password. If we allowed deleting the records, then someone who gains nefarious access to your account could just enable that setting and then you wouldn't be able to tell who that someone had gotten in.

Could you explain what you want more from a privacy perspective, though? The data here doesn't seem to be more than any website will keep in their server logs when you visit them, logged in or not. It doesn't even show the IP (like server logs would) - it's generalized to geographical area.

I don't mean to disregard your concerns, but I don't entirely understand how this is more privacy invading than any other random website on the internet.

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Contact me or another admin if you would like us to delete your account.


Why most of the online forum do not have the option to delete or deactivate the account in account setting

I think it's much easier to process the (not very large) amount of deletion requests manually, and not to revert deletions in (probably much more common) cases of accidental clicks.

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