How to define `MaybeUninit<[T]>`?

Is there a way to declare an uninitialised slice(i.e MaybeUninit<[T]>)?
I know I could use [MaybeUninit<T>] except A, it doesn't accurately describe the data structure(an uninitialised slice of Ts, not a slice of uninitialised Ts) and B, I would have to duplicate all of my existing code that uses &[mut] MaybeUninit<T:?Sized> so that it works for
&[mut] [MaybeUninit<T:?Sized>] .

Well, not a slice per se, because the type parameter must be Sized. But you can have a MaybeUninit<[T; N]>, i.e., and uninitialized array.

A MaybeUninit<[T]> would be a slice that's either completely initialized or not at all.

If you're initializing it all at once, you can just use [MaybeUninit<T>] and transmute it to a [T] when you need to pass it your other code[1].

  1. assuming the initialization is done, obviously ↩ī¸Ž

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I think that should work. Thanks.

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