How to declare different dependencies for multiple binaries

I have one Rust project that compiles to 2 different binary files (one is a CLI and one is a GUI app). The GUI app requires dependencies on tauri but the CLI does not. How should I declare the Cargo.toml to achieve that? Thanks

A part of the Cargo.toml

name = "app"
path = "src/"

name = "cli"
path = "src/"

// The stuff here are shared between both binaries

You would need to use a workspace instead to do that.

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AFAIK, in a workspace cargo will manage both dependencies in a shared Cargo.lock, won't it?

I ask because I have the exact same problem: I have a server that I need to split in two: the Mainstream one, which contains all APIs and is open to cargo update and change, and the Secure one, which I want to deploy new versions with the guarantee that nothing was touched (even dependencies) except things we needed to touch.
What would be the best way to achieve that?

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