How to create a write-only file?

I am running rustc 1.38.0 (625451e37 2019-09-23) on Fedora 30 (Workstation Edition). I am attempting to create a write-only file for test purposes. Per the standard library documentation, '"filepath")' should create a write-only file, but when I try it, the file has permissions "rw-rw-r--". I admit to being VERY new to Rust, but this seems like a contradiction to the documentation? What am I missing?

You created a write-only handle (i.e. you opened the file for writing). You did not create a write-only file in the filesystem.

Not all operating systems support the creation of a write-only file, so the standard library doesn't provide it.
You will need to use the fchmod function in the nix crate to access this UNIX-specific functionality.

You can set it directly on Unix targets with OpenOptionsExt::mode.

Thank you, all! I knew I was missing something.

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