How to convert warnings to errors in ``?

For code not in build script,
I can use environment variable CARGO_ENCODED_RUSTFLAGS="-D\x1fwarnings"
to convert warnings into errors.

But this does not work for build scripts because I do not find a similar env variable for them.
CARGO_ENCODED_RUSTFLAGS has no effect for build script.

I do not want to change the source code of

Any ideas?

For dependencies from all lints are capped to allow by cargo so they will never cause compilation to fail. For a local crate yoi can pass RUSTFLAGS or use #![deny(warnings)] at the top of your or

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RUSTFLAGS not work for
and I prefer not to #![deny(warnings] in source code,
so I can use different script wrapper (call cargo with different env vars),
to choose whether or not treat warnings as errors

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