How to convert Rust Image to opencv?

How to convert Rust Image to opencv ?

pub fn facedetect(buf: Vec<u8>)->Result<bool>{
  let xml = "/usr/share/opencv4/haarcascades/haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml";
  let mut face_detector = objdetect::CascadeClassifier::new(xml)?;
  //let img = imgcodecs::imread(path, -1).unwrap(); // Issue over here
  let img = imgcodecs::imdecode(&types::VectorOfu8 :: from_iter(buf), imgcodecs::IMREAD_COLOR)?;

  let mut img = image::open(path).unwrap();

This way not working. Code works with path to filesystem (imgcodecs::imread), my goal is to read image from memory

Code works, no help needed

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