How to convert numbers to words in rust

what should i do so that i can get it for any 4 digit numbers

fn main() {
    use std::iter::successors;

const ONES: [&str; 20] = [
const TENS: [&str; 10] = [
    "zero", "ten", "twenty", "thirty", "forty", "fifty", "sixty",
    "seventy", "eighty", "ninety",

pub fn encode(num: u64) -> String {
    match num {
        0..=19 => ONES[num as usize].to_string(),
        20..=99 => {
            let upper = (num / 10) as usize;
            match num % 10 {
                0 => TENS[upper].to_string(),
                lower => format!("{}-{}", TENS[upper], encode(lower)),
        100..=999 => format_num (num, 100, "hundred"),
           let (div, order) =
                successors(Some(1u64), |v| v.checked_mul(1000))
                    .find(|&(e, _)| e > num / 1000)

            format_num(num, div, order)


facing an error that format num is out of scope

What do you want to print on the number 1234? Also, do you need to print number: 6 in this example?

no. here i limited to use them for a defined values.
i want to know how i can make a code work for a 4 digit number.
i solved it in c++, need to know how to solve it in rust

How did you do it in C++? Probably the same approach could work in Rust as well.

You’d need to convert the number into 4 digits first, then connect them up appropriately into words. Is this a programming exercise or do you just want something that works? If it’s the latter, you could also consider using an existing crate, e.g., but that may be overkill as it supports arbitrarily large 64-bit numbers.

If you need help adapting the C++ solution to Rust, feel free to share your C++ code and perhaps tell us which parts you don't know how to adapt properly.

ive shared the aproach i had in rust towards this..

Looks like you’ve only partially copied the answer of How to transform a Rust number into English words, like 1 -> "one"? - Stack Overflow now?

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i guess u can actually see the difference in code

If you’re interested, I gave this a go (printing numbers up to 9999) and produced an implementation that uses enums for an intermediate representation, and involves the fmt::Display trait.

See the code here: Rust Playground

Edit: Fixed a bug that would display e.g. 1200 as ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED ZERO.

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great one dude.. kudos

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