How to convert a string to u32?

How do I convert a string to u32?

Currenty use

let num: u32 = input_string.trim().parse()?;	

My current code:

use std::io;

fn main() {
    loop {
		let mut celcius = 0.0;
		let mut farenheit = 0.0;
		println!("Write 1 for celcius or 0 for farenheit");
		let mut input_u32:u32 = 0;
		input_u32 = readInputLine();
		if input_u32 == 1
			println!("Converting from celcius to farenheit");
			println!("Enter celcius")
		} else {
			println!("Converting from farenheit to celcius");

fn readInputLine () -> u32 {
	let mut input_string = String::new();
	loop {
	.read_line(&mut input_string)
	.expect("Failed to read line");
	let input_string: u32 = match input_string.trim().parse() {
			Ok(num) => num,
			Err(_) => continue,
	let num: u32 = input_string.trim().parse()?;		// <-- ERROR HERE!!
	return num;

I think I found the solution:

The way you have found is correct. The error you encountered is that the question mark operator can only be used in functions that return a Result. To fix this, either:

  • Change the return type of readInputLine to Result<u32, SomeErrorType>, or
  • Replace the question mark with a call to .unwrap() to crash the program on error, or
  • Otherwise handle the error.
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