How to clear screen in terminal in tui and remove previous draw results (still see on scroll top)?

I want to draw some layout using tui-rs and when I do terminal.clear() I see that I still can scroll and see previous render results. This is my code:

pub struct UI;

impl UI {
    pub fn render(mut options: UIOptions) {

        let backend = CrosstermBackend::new(std::io::stdout());
        let mut terminal = Terminal::new(backend).unwrap();


        terminal.draw(|frame| {
            let chunks = Layout::default()

            DebugPanel::render(frame, chunks[0], options.borrow_mut());


async fn handle_ui(&mut self) -> JoinHandle<()> {
	let buffer_redirect = Arc::clone(&self.buffer_redirect);

	tokio::spawn(async move {
		loop {
			let mut buffer_redirect = buffer_redirect.lock().await;
			let mut buffer_output = String::new();

			(&mut *buffer_redirect)
				.read_to_string(&mut buffer_output)

			// drop stdout redirect to allow UI rendering
			*buffer_redirect = None;

			UI::render(UIOptions {

			// turn on stdout redirect
			*buffer_redirect = Some(BufferRedirect::stdout().unwrap());


Could somebody explain how to clear terminal to avoid scrollbar appearing ? There a lot of terminal apps (like htop in linux etc) that seems to be separate terminal app which redraw without scrollbar appearing, so I cannot scroll to top and see what was rendered previously.

UPDATED: just to rephrase: expected result that app should full redraw window, actual result that rendered layout just added on next line and just scrolled to it.

termion has a module to deal with alternate screen buffers, which most terminals support these days. I believe, htop uses something like this.
You an look at the source code from the docs link if you want to manually put in the escape sequences.

Edit: Maybe try the termion backend instead of the crossterm backend.


Thank you, didn't know about this feature. Seems like crossterm also support it. However, it do not work for me (I run this in git bash, windows).

I tried to use flow same as described in tui docs.

Can you try a different terminal emulator? Like Alacritty or Windows Terminal (not cmd or ps, this is a separate application which you need to install).
The terminal emulator used by Git Bash, at least when I last used it, was woefully outdated.

I think app should work the same way everywhere (at least it's what I want to achieve). Need another way.

just tried to test and seems like this project draw correctly, need to investigate what's wrong with my app

So, I found what the reason: BufferRedirect from gag-rs. Since TUI rendered using stdout it was an issue. So, I refactored my app to use mspc channel instead of println! and not use gag. Now TUI rendered as expected.


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