How to choose solution

There's something I am wondering about. Many people respond to my questions and provide super detailed solutions. But I can choose only one solution.

  1. is it important/appreciated to assign solution? I think it is on stack...
  2. if you have many solutions, how do you choose?

(I looked in the code of conduct :stuck_out_tongue:)

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As far as I know, the only impact that choosing a solution has is:

  • It displays a :ballot_box_with_check: next to the post, so people know it has been answered.
  • It adds a link in the first post of the thread to the chosen solution.

I don't think it's bad etiquette on this forum to not select a solution (and it's certainly not against the CoC!). Doing it is just a nice way to highlight which post was helpful in resolving your issue :slight_smile:

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... and that's a solution!

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It’s also tracked on the user page of the person who posted the solution:


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