How to change the Icon of Rust Doc?


How to achieve this ? this is isahc - Rust documentation. As you can see there's a dog where the Rust logo should have been.
I want to change the documentation's icon with my own and modify its color theme a bit maybe.
Can it be done with some config in .toml file or do I need to do that in manual way by directly editing the HTML file ?

I do this in restor by applying an attribute in my

#![doc(html_logo_url = "")]

(Although it is admittedly a bad logo :sweat_smile:)

that's not a bad logo, just a green ball :slight_smile:

this makes me wonder how many config are there for the doc configuration? and where do you know about that config ? I must miss something in the manual

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Rustdoc has a book explaining the different attributes you can use to configure your docs.

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