How to capture external variable in a closure with move [Noob question]

Hey Guys, How is it going?

I am new to RustLang, and I have a noob question for you:

How can I pass a string variable to a closure which I should use move to get the ownership of each variable inside it.

I want to pass the variable message to the closure in the second parameter of teloxide::repl .

let bot = Bot::from_env().auto_send();
let message = format!("Store: {} Link: {}",,;
teloxide::repl(bot, |messenger| async move {

but I got the error:

81 |                       let message = format!("Store: {} Link: {}",,;
   |                           ------- captured outer variable
82 |                       teloxide::repl(bot, |messenger| async move {
   |  ________________________________________________________________^
83 | |                         messenger.answer(message);
   | |                                          -------
   | |                                          |
   | |                                          move occurs because `message` has type `String`, which does not implement the `Copy` trait
   | |                                          move occurs due to use in generator
84 | |                         respond(())
85 | |                 }).await
   | |_________________^ move out of `message` occurs here

Thank you all!

You should be able to put


to duplicate the string, instead of consuming it.

In the midst of despair I've tried to do this already ahahahaha, unfortunately it doesn't work... I can't perform any operation with this variable inside the closure =( .

Any other solutions?

Perhaps this is a case where you need to clone it in the closure instead of the future.

teloxide::repl(bot, move |messenger| {
    let message = message.clone();
    async move {

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