How to call mutable member function in a for loop?

Hi everyone,

I have the following example code:

struct Data {
    data: Vec<PathBuf>

impl Data {
    pub fn some_function(&mut self) {
        for item in {

    fn do_something(&mut self, _item: &Path) {
        // Do stuff

Which results in the following compiler error:

error[E0499]: cannot borrow `*self` as mutable more than once at a time
  --> src/
10 |         for item in {
   |                     --------------------
   |                     |
   |                     first mutable borrow occurs here
   |                     first borrow later used here
11 |             self.do_something(item);
   |             ^^^^ second mutable borrow occurs here

I understand the problem and where the error lies. I'm just not sure how best to fix it. There will be a general structural error in the code here. But coming from C++, this is a relatively common situation.

I could clone the vector before the for loop let mut temp =, but with large vecs this is not really optimal in terms of performance, especially if this is done every frame.

How can the code be improved?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Here's an article about it that explores various workarounds.

Additionally, like in this related article, you may be able to temporarily move the data out of self (without cloning).

    pub fn some_function(&mut self) {
        let mut data = std::mem::take(&mut;
        for item in data.iter_mut() {
        } = data;

These are the resources I needed. Thanks for the quick reply!

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