How to call await on a MutexGuard?

let tx = tx.lock().unwrap();
if tx.await.is_err() {
    println!("send err");
    return Ok(());

I have some codes like this, it reports the trait Future is not implemented for `std::sync::MutexGuard<'_, FutureTx>, while FutureTx has been implemented Future.

The reason for the particular error you got is that .await requires taking ownership of the value, but you don't have ownership — only a mutable borrow.

However even if you fix this, you will probably run into the error described here. A blocking mutex may not be locked during a use of .await.

Hi thanks for explaining, I met a problem that await on a mutex while pending, the mutex would lock forever, how to solve it?

Either don't do that, or use the Mutex from Tokio.

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