How to calculate memory usage?

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I am working on a comparison between Rust and C and I would like to compare the memory usage of both algorithms. I think that Rust consumes less memory than C because of the use of iterators, but my question is, which tool is useful to calculate the memory usage ?

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What OS?

On Linux !

If you compile the executable with cargo build --release, you will find the binary at ./target/release/your_package_name. You can then try

/usr/bin/time -v ./target/release/your_package_name

Then look for the line with "Maximum resident set size".

See this question for more info.

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Thanks ! And this works with parallel programs or only with serial programs ?

Should work in parallel too.

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If you want to know byte-exact amount of memory allocated by Rust itself, you can instrument Rust's memory allocator. For example, there's cap. But for comparison with C, an external measurement will be more fair.