How to build the language Rust?

Please help me
We need to know how do Rust make the syntax tree, semantics, symbol table and the Lexicon Analyzer.

You might want to check out

I do not really understand your question.

Is this about reimplementing rust as a language and you want to write a compiler? Then you should probably read the source code of the current reference implementation.

If though you want generic information about how to write rust programs, start reading the book and write some programs and ask more specific questions as you stumble over problems.

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I need to do a presentation about how the creators of rust solve the lexico analysis,syntactic analysis,semántica analysis and intermediate code

Good luck buddy. It is not easy.
Just out of curiosity: Why does someone expect that from you? Did you volunteer for that?

That is for a homework :frowning:

Dude this sounds like a serious assignment. How much time do you have? All semester? 6 months?

In any event, if you just need to learn some trivial information, you could first read the Rust book and then (or simultaneously) be reading through the Rust compiler code at

“How to build the language Rust” is a very vague and complicated assignment. That’s like an architect class asking you to go down town and for homework, explain “how to build” an 80 story skyscraper by next week.

However, if you just have to describe high-level concepts such as “a borrow-checker is needed,” a borrow-checker provides x, y, and z, then that sounds a bit more reasonable.


A pretty ^&$# serious assignment, lol!! It must be CS 101 at the University of Intergalactic and Interstellar Sciences of Andromeda or something