How to build `rustup` from source

I am trying to build rustup (not rustup-init) from source. I have the rustup repo checked out, but when I run cargo run from within the repo, it runs rustup-init, not rustup. I can see why this is happening - the repo contains only one binary target, which is rustup-init.

So how can I build rustup?

It’s all the same file. The way it behaves depends on the name of the binary. A bit sneaky, similar to how busybox works. If you rename it rustup it should behave as rustup. It you name it cargo or rustc or cargo-clippy, cargo-fmt, cargo-miri, clippy-driver, rls, rust-gdb, rustdoc, rustfmt, etc… (non-exhaustive list), it becomes a shim that identifies the current active default toolchain, relevant overrides for the current directory, parses the additional +toolchain argument if present, and then calls the correct respective installed binary with the remaining arguments.


…which is documented at the very beginning of that file.


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