How to best stream a zip archive to stdout?

I am creating a zip archive dynamically using the superb zip crate and then streaming that archive to stdout.

The relevant snippet is:

It seemed odd to me to have to persist something to disk when the program generates the data and archive in memory.

Are there better ways to accomplish this?

Or what I am missing about the traits that ZipWriter implements that could help here?

Rust has a io::Write trait that is implemented by lots of things, including Vec, File, and stdout. They all work the same.

So don't open a File, don't give file to the library. Give it stdout, and it'll write to stdout.

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Looks like you'll need W: Write + Seek for ZipWriter, so stdout won't work (no Seek) but there are in-memory writers you can use. For example Cursor::new(Vec::new()) should work (using std::io::Cursor).

You might see Seek and wonder how to solve it, but you can always hit that doc page and see what implementors there are.


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