How to await for all futures created inside a loop

I am trying to download a few files inside a loop:

let j = reqwest::get(&link.api)
        .expect("HTTP GET error")
        .expect("Deserialization error");

    for post in j.posts {
        match (post.tim, post.ext) {
            (Some(tim), Some(ext)) => {
                let file_name = format!("{}{}", tim, ext);
                let uri = format!("{}/{}", link.board, file_name);
                download(&uri, &file_name, dir.clone());
            _ => {}

Now each of the download function returns a future. How can I tell the compiler to wait until all the futures created from inside a loop?

In Go, I would create a WaitGroup and wg.Add(1) after each call to download. Inside the download() function, when a download finishes I would send wg.Done() signal to indicate that that the process finished. And before main() ends, I would call wg.Wait() to instruct the program to wait for all waitgroups to finish. I'm not sure how to achieve that in async-await.

You can use join_all from the futures crate to wait until all futures from a Vec or Iterator are finished.

If you want to limit the number of futures you run concurrently, you can use FuturesUnordered instead.

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