How to always validate a struct on creation?

Suppose we need to always validate a struct when it's created. For instance, suppose that age can only be positive. We can develop a factory method that verifies that age is poisitive, but it can be bypassed:

struct Age {
    age: f32,

impl Age {
    fn age_from(age: f32) -> Option<Age> {
        if age > 0.0 {
            Some(Age { age })
        } else {

fn main() {
    let age = Age::age_from(23.4);
    println!("Age {:?}", age);
    // but nothing prevents us from bypassing the factory method
    let another_age = Age { age: -2.8 };
    println!("Another age {:?}", another_age);

is there a way to ensure validation cannot be bypassed? TIA!

Define the struct in its own module and make the field private.


It seems to be bypassable only because the "bypassing" code is in the same module - the privacy boundary is the module, not the impl block as you might be expecting. By moving the struct and impl into its own module, this code breaks as expected - here's the playground proving this.


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