How to add trait bounds to generic associated type (GAT)?


I'm playing around with generic associated types (GAT) and need some help. In the playground example I have two traits:
The ProducerTrait which has a generic associated type Product

 trait ProducerTrait {
     type Product<'p>: ProductTrait;
     fn produce(&self, name: &str) -> Self::Product<'_>;

and the ProducerUserTrait which adds the Display trait to the bound of the ProducerTrait's associated type

trait ProducerUserTrait<P: ProducerTrait>
    where for<'p> P::Product<'p>: Display
    fn producer(&self) -> P;


Unfortunately it does not work. I'm getting the following error:

<CarFactory as ProducerTrait>::Product<'p>` doesn't implement `std::fmt::Display

Car which is the Product of the CarFactory implements Display (see line 32), but the compiler claims that it does not.

Am I making a mistake here or is this a problem with GAT which still is in development? An answer would be much appreciated!

I feel like I've seen a similar problem before in some other URLO thread. It clearly seems like a problem with the current GAT implementation (or perhaps more precisely with the trait solver and how it handles GATs) and I suppose its something that should be fixed eventually in the compiler. For the time being there actually are workarounds for the problem, but I'm on my phone, so I cannot demonstrate any right now.

In case you're interested in the workaround, you can provide a more complete example that shows why the where bound on ProducerUserTrait involving P::Product is even needed (probably some default implementation of a method?) and I can give you some code featuring the workaround tomorrow.

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I think the fix is this PR.

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Thanks! Ok, good to know that it's not a mistake on my side. No need for the workarounds as I'm just playing around.

Good to know. Thank you!

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