How serving photo/video at scale?

In our country we cannot use Amazon S3 ( because of sanctions )

how can we serving photo/video at scale
something like instagram app

This question doesn’t have much to do with Rust, and the answer, in principle, is “however you want.”

If you want a drop-in replacement for S3 that you never need to worry about sanctions, I’d use minio. You run it on your own servers, it distributes your files across all of them.

If you aren’t so worried about drop-in compatibility, I’d recommend Tahoe-LAFS. It’s a bit more obscure, but it has a simpler, more robust security model.

Neither of them are written in Rust, but you should be able to use either of them, since both expose HTTP APIs that you can access using reqwest or whatever.

yes , actually after activity in many language forum , rust community is more smart and Professional than others at least at scale !!


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