How many of you also frequent zulip?

Maybe give a quick response if you also frequent the rust zulip chat. I'd like to get a very rough picture if there is some overlap of the communities.

I didn't know there was a poll functionality. See first answer. Thanks @jofas


Maybe people find it easier to answer you with a poll?

  • I visit Rust Zulip Chat
  • I don't visit Rust Zulip Chat
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I personally don't really visit Zulip, unless someone references a conversation somewhere else. From looking at the recent conversations, I definitely see some familiar names and profile pictures.


There are a few areas in Rust that have rough edges that affect our work, and I know they are actively being worked on, so I lurk on zulip to try to get an idea of what progress is being made on those particular issues.

That is to say that I read it semi-frequently, but I engage very little.

Just lurking and casually watching the Crab Elders design and shape my future work.


Note that I see the purpose of the two places as being somewhat different. Zulip is more like IRLO, for me.

While it's not disallowed to ask for "using rust" help in zulip, I would always encourage people to ask here or on the community discord instead, for faster responses and a larger set of people interested in giving that help.


I find Zulip a bit intimidating. I'm not sure I'm able to adequately explain why. Just a kinda general sense that it's for serious discussion and I'd be intruding.

Or maybe its more the platform itself, I've visited a few times usually from a link and don't really understand how to use it. I'm sure if I took the time and effort to dive in I'd find it useable and friendly, but it would be an effort.

If you're interested in a random opinion from a URLO enjoyer* and non-Zulip user :slight_smile:


TBH, I feel like it like I do git: When I first used it it was really weird and annoying. Then I got the hang of it and now I like it more than the alternatives :slight_smile:

(At least for the distributed, international, long-lasting conversations that rust ends up needing a bunch. Something like Discord is way better for short-term, quickly back-and-forth, water-cooler-style conversations.)

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It feels very overwhelming to me. I follow a link to some Zulip chat from time to time, and it tells me I have 14000 unread messages, and when I scroll past a thread, I don't know if I'll ever find it again (I bet it's actually easy, but I never got into it).


[Assuming you're logged in]

Here's my quick'n'dirty survival's guide to Zulip: Use the starring feature.

Whenever you find a thread/post that you want to track/remember, put a star on it. There's a "Starred messages" link on the left, which brings you to a page where you can see all the starred messages. (And then unstar if the thread reaches its final conclusion, or you'll end up with a new overwhelming problem..).

But generally speaking, the biggest value Zulip brings, imho, is the "Recent conversions" (It's the "home" page, which you'll be brought to when you click the Rust logo in the top left). It's a good way to find out what the current buzz among the Crab Elders is, in particular if you follow many streams.

Of all the different types of forums and chatting platforms I've used, Zulip is the one that (by far) took the longest to "get". There definitely is something counter-intuitive about it. With that said, it took a while to get here, but now I think I get it's appeal: It allows you to get a birds-eye view of what's currently happening [in the streams of interest], with the ability to instantly dive down at look at any details that you find interesting.


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