How is the rust test harness generated? Why is reexport_test_harness_main failing to export the harness main symbol?

I would like to use the generated test harness in the context of a custom test framework for a kernel. I'm using #![reexport_test_harness_main = test_main] to reexport the test harness main function under a different symbol, however when calling the function I get:

error[E0425]: cannot find function `test_main` in this scope
  --> tests/
46 |         test_main();
   |         ^^^^^^^^^ not found in this scope

I've made my integration test as similar as possible to the integration test in phill opp's blog post about testing with custom test frameworks: GitHub - phil-opp/blog_os at post-04. Running his tests works for me, so I know that reexport_test_harness_main isn't directly broken.

Are there any implicit requirements that might prevent the test harness from being generated? How can I get some more information on what might be the root cause behind the missing test_main symbol?

This is my integration test:

#![reexport_test_harness_main = "test_main"]

use hermit::{print, println};
pub trait Testable {
	fn run(&self) -> ();

impl<T> Testable for T
	T: Fn(),
	fn run(&self) {
		print!("{}...\t", core::any::type_name::<T>());

pub fn test_runner(tests: &[&dyn Testable]) {
	println!("Running {} tests", tests.len());
	for test in tests {;

fn add_one() {
	let x = 1 + 2;
	assert_eq!(x, 3);

// After initializing the kernel calls this function
extern "C" fn runtime_entry(_argc: i32, _argv: *const *const u8, _env: *const *const u8) -> ! {
	//Toggling this changes the error from compile time to link time
	// extern "Rust" {
	// 	fn test_main();
	// }
	unsafe {

The integration test itself runs fine if I remove the #[test_case] and test_main()and manually call my tests, but ideally I'd like to use the rust test harness.
Any ideas for how I can get closer to the root issue are appreciated.

If you can, could you share your repository? I think the best way I could help would be to mess with the code after reproducing the error. I tried to reproduce it from just the test file, but it compiled fine (although it did run into issues when running, I expect that's a different thing than what you're running into).

Yes, of course I can share the code. I initially didn't share, because sharing the whole repository is pretty far from a minimal example.
The integration test in question is under tests/basic_math in this branch.

The test is compiled and run with cargo test --test basic_math -Z build-std=core,alloc --target x86_64-unknown-hermit-kernel.

Note: .cargo/config sets a custom runner that invokes the tests (via tests/, which is also very much a work in progress, and relies on a custom hypervisor (available via cargo install uhyve (requires kvm)). Using qemu is also possible, but requires a couple of extra dependencies. However this is probably not so relevant for my issue regarding the compilation error.

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