How hard to get a Job?

My question may seem a bit naive, but how difficult is it to get a job after learning Rust?

This is not going to be a directly actionable answer, but:

Your post doesn't contain a lot of context, eg location, your hard skill set, your soft skill sets etc.
While I don't recommend that you post such info (for privacy reasons), they do play a role in how easy it is to find a job in general.
Find a job where you're using Rust is more of a filter on top of that.

I do know that in order to actually find a job, you have to be able to produce value i.e. The ability to wield Rust at will is one skill set, but so is modeling a problem and its solution(s).

Then there's the macroƫconomic environment. That has led to lots of (ongoing) FAANG firings, making the available labor pool larger, depending on where you live.

All these factors play a role.
Ultimately the solution may be as simple as not giving up the job hunt until you find that job.


Hello, thank you for answer.

I am frontend developer, and I just loved Rust and I do not really want to go deep and learn something that is, well, hard to learn (as I heard) and wasting so mush time without getting any benefits In terms of career, of course if I going to start I will start learning backend first using, As for my country, no I do not find any job opportunities.

If you do not mind, What is the most in demand field in terms of Rust language? How difficult is it to enter this field?

From what I've seen concerning postings specifically asking for Rust as a skill, definitely Crypto. I don't want to make any comments as to how difficult it is to enter the field as I'm not in that field and never have been, so I really have no idea.