How do you set Rust DWARF version?

I am trying to cross compile a Rust program, and I am not sure if the target OS supports DWARF 4, because there is an error while unwinding, and it seems like this may have some relation with DWARF.
DWARF 3 is definitely supported for the OS, so I was wondering if there was a way to feed in custom arguments to llvm clang that Rust uses, so it could be tested whether or not it is really a DWARF problem.
I tried using rustc -C llvm-args, but it seems like the use of the command has been discouraged, and it doesn’t have an option for changing the DWARF version.
The Rust target specification doesn’t seem to have options for setting custom arguments for the compiler either.

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I have no clue about DWARF-ish things, so unfortunately I can’t help you myself.
However, I am pretty sure that the people who can help you, can help you better if you tell us which operating system you are working on. (Maybe someone has already made a custom target for it, but we can’t tell like this…)

Sorry, my bad for not specifying the OS. The OS I am working on is vxWorks, but upon further inspection, it seems like DWARF version conflict is not the problem, so I think I am fine without a solution.