How do we print an ItemEnum?

Sample code:

        for item in file.items.iter() {
            match item {
                Item::Enum(e) => {
                    println!("enum: {:?}", e);


9 |                     println!("enum: {:?}", e);
   |                                            ^ `ItemEnum` cannot be formatted using `{:?}` because it doesn't implement `Debug`
   = help: the trait `Debug` is not implemented for `ItemEnum`
   = note: this error originates in the macro `$crate::format_args_nl` which comes from the expansion of the macro `println` (in Nightly builds, run with -Z macro-backtrace for more info)

However, we have - source

So my question is: how do we print an ItemEnum ?

ItemEnum: ItemEnum in syn - Rust

impl Debug for ItemEnum

Available on crate feature extra-traits only.

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