How do we combat the apparent culture of racism and sexism in Rust?


Manishearth, ask yourself whether you would be okay with somebody writing this in the 2017 Rust survey: "We currently have 81.6% black community members and aim to fix that soon."
Think about this wording rationally if you can, because I don’t believe that if you are honest with yourself, you can truly think that this is okay.


That’s exactly the kind of straw man argument I’m talking about. The roadmap or survey did not say anything like that. Nor did it say that “white people are unwanted” or are on the “chopping block”. Those are your conclusions.

The comments made by me, @carols10cents, @mbrubeck , and others adequately clarify that this is not the case. They explain that “fixing” a lack of diversity need not be a zero sum game and can be achieved with things like outreach.


You have likewise employed your own strawman to counter my supposed strawman. This is exactly why I never point out fallacies because they are fake joker cards that end discussions with appeals to authority (“look, you made a fallacy, that gives me an automatic win!”)
The roadmap did not say anything [exactly] like that, and I never claimed that it did. I said that the roadmap contained a link to the 2016 survey which contained that.
The roadmap did reference the 2016 survey in a relevant way “Outreach and mentoring is also one of the best avenues for increasing diversity in the project, which, as the survey demonstrates, has a lot of room for improvement.”

As you can see, the spirit of what I said is very much true. The fact that white people might be getting less resources is a real danger that has not been addressed beyond simply saying “oh it wont happen, trust me”.
The problematic language that is unwelcoming to white males has also not been addressed or fixed or in any way apologized for.
This entire problem is because you and the Rust leadership does not seem to be aware of anti-white anti-male leaning in your writings.
Just to be extra poignant, you have yet again failed to address anything I said as well: How about answering whether you think that my example wording with the word ‘black’ switched in would pose a problem instead of evading the question purely because it wasn’t exactly character for character identical with what the survey said?

and to add: I’m obviously aware that diversity is not necessarily a zero sum game, as you call it. This is about problematic anti-white anti-male language, not whether you think that the diversity goals in theory can be reached without decreasing total white percentages.


Code of conducts to fix those issues, tend to draw a lot of criticism because they also are enforced by people. People who have the same flaws as all of us.

This seems like a fully general counterargument; every social system, whether it’s u.rl.o or LKML, is run by humans. The Rust CoC is not unique in that respect.

In other words, do you know of any ways to affect social change that don’t involve flawed, human actors?


In other words, do you know of any ways to affect social change that don’t involve flawed, human actors?

If we knew that, then there will not be any wars or other crimes. 99% Of the people know what is acceptable and what is not. Yet, people gets at times trow under the bus by codes of conduct or other forum / community rules that get misused.

This topic does simply not belong on the Rust forums. Combat Racism / Sexism when it present itself and let the people focus on the language.


People get thrown under the bus, anyway. How’s a CoC going to make it worse?


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