How do I setup a server for private crates hosting?

I’m following a couple of links and haven’t seem to found an answer to this question:
Can I have my own server for private crates?

I was looking at couple of github issues and PRs. It looks like this is possible as this work has been merged etc…but I am confused as to how I set this up.

I was looking at:

  1. this PR
  2. this issue tracker

They do not seem to answer my questions however. Is there documentation anywhere how to setup my server?


RFC related to the PR that you linked might help: click. Especially this section.

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Thank you. One question I cannot find an answer for in the link provided: is this only for nightly only?

It’s possible, my (stable) cargo outputs warning: unused manifest key: registries, so that may indeed be the case. I think your best bet is to simply try it out.