How do I manually create an instance of reqwest::Error?

This is similar to the question I asked in this post How do I manually create an instance of reqwest::Response?

In the mock client I am writing for an integration test, I will like to seed the client with response for error cases and in such situation I want an error to be returned. That is given this trait

impl HttpClient for MockClient {
    async fn send_request(&self, path: String) -> Result<Response, Error> {

I want the send_request to return the error which is reqwest::Error. Problem now is, it seems there is no easy way to manually construct an instance of reqwest::Error.

Looking at the documentation here reqwest::Error - Rust I could not see any straight forward way.

Any ideas?

I believe they've deliberately made it impossible to create a reqwest::Error from outside the reqwest crate so they are free to change its implementation and possible values in a backwards compatible way.

You might need to come up with a different way of testing that logic. Depending on the scope, it might be feasible to start up a local HTTP server or send requests to to get exactly the HTTP error you are looking for.

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